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19Jan 17
The First Order Of Leadership Is Safety

The First Order of Leadership is Safety

Planning for and implementing an emergency action plan not only safeguards the physical and emotional safety of students, faculty and visitors, it reduces legal exposure. Organizations often forget that failure…

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23Nov 16

Giving Thanks – The Business Way

Giving thanks and showing appreciation toward others is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Whether it be with friends, family or complete strangers, it is important for people to show gratitude…

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24Aug 16

Meltdown in Rio: Ryan Lochte

Although Ryan Lochte is at the tail end of his swimming career, the 32-year-old still has some very serious repercussions stemming from his crisis in Rio.
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14Jul 16

Crisis: Turn Adversity into Advantage

Crisis costs time, money, customers, careers, and in the worst case of scenarios, lives. Make sure your organization has proper policies and procedures in place so when crisis strikes you can turn adversity into advantage.
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