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We are a global reputation agency.

As much as 80% of an organization’s marketplace value comes from intangible assets such as brand equity, intellectual capital and goodwill. And those assets are both positively and negatively impacted by many variables. We maximize those intangibles by focusing on three critical areas: leadership, strategy and communications.

With velocity and vision, Fallston Group builds, strengthens, and defends the reputations and legacies of our clients in the public, private, non-profit, and government sectors. Our deeply experienced team takes pride in a holistic perspective while offering a flexible blend of executive and operational services to help leaders and brands prepare for, navigate through, and recover from issues of sensitivity, adversity or crisis. What’s more, we partner with clients to develop and leverage reputational equity to support their growth strategies and realize important business objectives.

Building Strengthening & Defending reputations


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