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An outside firm surveyed nearly 100 clients who worked with Fallston Group over the past seven years. This unedited word cloud reflects what they had to say about us – and we think this “report card” says far more than we ever could about what we do and the value we bring to our clients.

What We Do

We are a global reputation agency. As much as 80% of an organization’s marketplace value comes from intangible assets such as brand equity, intellectual capital and goodwill. Operating at the intersection of leadership, strategy and communications, Fallston Group maximizes those intangibles by focusing on three critical areas: crisis & issue leadership, strategic marketing & PR and training & workshops.

Reputations are both positively and negatively impacted by many variables. We engage with velocity and vision while building, strengthening and defending reputations, each and every day – it’s baked into our DNA.

Why We Do It

Whether a business or personal legacy, our “why” is quite simple – we’re driven to help others when it matters most.

Who We Are

By design, Fallston Group’s network consists of both full-time and consultant-based experts who uniquely contribute to each client mission. Our team members are passionate and creative professionals who take the initiative to engage audiences, build trust and drive results. Whether you’re looking to boost your brand or navigate a corporate crisis, turn to the team many leaders have by their side.

Our Culture

At Fallston Group, we believe in:

  • Embracing sound character
  • Establishing a clear vision
  • Providing a learning environment
  • Rewarding results
  • Celebrating successes
  • Growing from lessons learned
  • Thinking beyond self
  • Aligning with credible stakeholders
  • Driving growth
  • Getting excited about creative opportunity
  • Over-delivering for those that depend on us

Do you have what it takes to be part of our “Tiger Team?”

We are currently not hiring for any internal positions, but always welcome you to send your resume and/or cover letter to

Fallston Group in the Community

We believe it is our corporate and social responsibility to contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and give back to the community. Through volunteerism, sponsorship and charitable contributions, the Fallston Group team continually supports the positive change-makers of the world including the following organizations:

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