Reputation leads to Trust and Trust leads to Valuation… And, Not All Currency is Financial.

            Successful leaders and organizations understand the value of building, strengthening, and defending their reputation. Reputation is defined as: the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. If we take a broader look at society, we believe that consumers are morally aligned with the brands they invest in and purchase from, […]

The Power of Crisis Leadership

The importance and value of crisis leadership has perhaps never been more apparent than it has been in 2021. Companies across the globe have been bombarded by one societal crisis after another. Every time a leader delivers a message—be it at a board meeting, media interview, keynote, all-staff meeting, community event, or on a social […]

“No Comment”

We’ve all heard an interviewee answer a difficult question with “no comment”. The question is, what is the message received when using this phrase? Kathleen Cairns, Fallston Group’s Communications Strategist, shares her insights on how effective “no comment” really is.

Naomi Osaka – Authenticity

The French Open (FO) is one of the most prestigious Grand Slam tournaments on the ATP tour. The FO is played on clay courts, and players from all over the globe take great pride in participating. Serena Williams, Sofia Kenin, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer were participating, but where was Naomi Osaka a few […]

Turning Adversity into Advantage, Hon!

A Fallston Group Case Study. Cafe Hon has been a popular fixture on the 36th Street main drag in Baltimore’s kitschy Hampden neighborhood since its 1992 opening. With a two-story tall pink flamingo perched over its doorway, the restaurant is a local landmark. Owner Denise Whiting sells “Hon” t-shirts and other merchandise and founded an […]

Crisis Chat: How to Use Soundbites to Deliver YOUR Message

Did you know the optimal soundbite for a media interview is between 5 and 10 seconds? In this Crisis Chat, Kathleen Cairns, Fallston Group’s Communications Strategists offers tips to help ensure the messages you want your audience to hear are the ones you deliver.

How to Be a Sound Leader During Difficult Times

As I approach four decades of leading organizations under challenging circumstances in numerous leadership positions, in both the private and public sector, I can assure you that challenges, obstacles, and difficult times are inevitable.  Being a good leader during times of ‘smooth sailing’ is easy, but when a crisis occurs, that’s when your leadership skillsets […]

Uh-oh…Hot Mic!

Have you ever said something you thought was confidential, but soon realized someone or some ‘thing’ overheard you? The inevitable answer is yes – we all have. However, the consequences of ‘sticking your foot in your mouth’ are much more severe today than they were years ago. Why? The answer is simple – technology. At […]

Warning Signs for Company Insolvency and Bankruptcy

By Peter S. Goodman, Turnaround Expert The following is a list of indicators/ warning signs that your company may be insolvent and in need of restructuring its balance. Promptly forecasting or discovering these indicators is a critical management function that can mean the difference between a successful corporate financial restructuring versus financial failure. Upon discovery […]

Tiger Woods – Legacy and Reputation

Fallston Group | Tiger Woods – Legacy and Reputation

Tiger Woods is often referred to as one of the best, if not the best, player in PGA Tour history. Tiger is tied for the most PGA Tour wins with Sam Snead, and currently is second to the great Jack Nicklaus for most Majors won. His entire life is focused on winning – which is […]