Is Your Business Taking the Proper Steps to Minimize Digital Risk?

With technological advances, there comes a heightened technological risk. Cyber-attacks are increasing at an alarming rate, targeting almost 3 out of 4 small businesses. By putting a security plan in place, a company’s level of threat decreases dramatically. Ultimately however, leaders must take the initiative to protect their people, secure their assets and strengthen their brands!

A Black Heel to a Black Eye – UNC’s “Paper Class” Scandal

UNC is accused of academic fraud and allowing student-athletes to enroll in phony classes with no lectures or attendance policies to remain eligible. Without taking ownership, the NCAA will unravel a mess of an investigation and greatly humiliate one of the most prominent universities in our country, and its proud student body and alumni who have done no wrong.

The Crisis Cliff

Reputation is the number one concern of corporate executives today. Mobilize your leadership team for a riveting presentation on how to prepare for the unexpected. I95 Business presents “The Crisis Cliff,” a speaking engagement focused on crisis management and communications, featuring tactical experts, Rob Weinhold (Fallston Group, LLC) and Marianne Banister (Banister Media) along with […]