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The question isn’t if crisis will occur, but when.
Are you prepared?

A recent Deloitte global survey reported that 88% of surveyed executives are explicitly focusing on reputational risk as a key business challenge.

Crises are emotionally charged turning points that bring about swift, radical change. Instability leads to undesirable outcomes that cost time, money, customers, careers and, in the worst of scenarios, lives. Crises can be natural, like an earthquake, or human-induced, like civil unrest. Crises can be sudden or smoldering, high-impact or low-impact. Sometimes organizations and people recover. Many times, they do not.

In this highly linked, digital world, the decisions you make today will be judged by many for years to come. Predictive and action-oriented, leaders trust Fallston Group’s uniquely qualified experts to preserve all that is important.

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Our team has effectively managed a wide variety of crises including, but not limited to:

Working with Fallston Group is always a pleasure. Their professionalism and communication are top notch. The team at Fallston Group was pivotal in helping our organization connect with the media after a fire caused our building to be condemned. Without their help, I'm sure we would never have had the financial donations that kept us afloat during such a difficult time.

Christopher Schafer, Founder, Sharp Dressed Man

The Fallston Group team is comprised of extremely talented individuals who will be a valuable resource to any organization they are involved with. They are very detailed, organized and know how to focus their attention on the pertinent facts whenever an issue arises. I would recommend them enthusiastically without reservation.

Douglas A. Strouse, Ph.D., President, CEO Club of Baltimore

Clark Leadership employed the services of Fallston Group to lead two sessions of 30 CEO’s on best practices for engaging with the media in crisis management situations. The workshops were a huge success and a wake-up call for many of our participants. The response was overwhelmingly positive, resulting in many of the CEOs taking action to develop crisis management strategies for their companies.

Bill Clark, Founder/Managing Partner, Clark Leadership Group

We were in a position to have to respond to reporters on a deadline regarding a very sensitive issue, an issue that my client did not particularly want publicized. Fallston Group came through on short notice with practical and concise advice. They guided us through potentially difficult waters. Their moniker, “If you don’t tell your story somebody else will…” convinced us. Next time, Fallston Group is the first call.

Charles B. Jones, Esquire, Thomas & Libowitz Law, P.A.

Fallston Group provided our organization with invaluable access to specialized and unique expertise. From situational analysis to leadership coaching to constituent outreach, Fallston Group was able to immediately add great value. I highly recommend their people and services.

Eric Wulf, Chief Executive Officer, International Carwash Association


Fallston Group’s in-depth Reputational Risk Assessment identifies organizational points of exposure then prioritizes mitigation strategies based on internal and external marketplace risk. Our methodology is clear, comprehensive, and effective at dramatically reducing your points of exposure.

Any motivated person with a recording device and internet connection can wreak havoc on your brand, and immediately thrust you or your organization into crisis. Our nationally-known experts build the framework that details the roles, expectations, approach, and outcomes of everyone involved in crisis management during life’s most critical times. Remember our mantra, ‘If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. And, when someone else tells your story, it certainly won’t be the story you want told.’

Crisis communications is only one element of a meaningful, comprehensive crisis plan. From crisis team development to policies and training, Fallston Group understands how important organizational muscle memory is when the stakes are at their highest. Our approach and methodology will not just enable you to survive crisis, but thrive. Be ready to meet the moment.

Military and public safety agencies understand the value of executable policies and relentless training. It is a well-known fact that how you train is how you will perform under duress. Fallston Group’s mapping and checklisting processes optimize positive outcomes and gives organizations the confidence to succeed during life’s most critical times.

Anyone can lead when the sun is shining, culture is positive, and profits trending upward; real leaders emerge during life’s most challenging seasons. Our established training protocols create organizational muscle memory so you can turn short-term adversity into long-term advantage.


Our “why” is our team’s genuine passion for helping people during life’s most critical times – it’s baked in our DNA. 365/24/7 availability is our strength and calling. When you need us, we’ll be there – anywhere in the world.

Issues of sensitivity, adversity, and crisis must be diagnosed quickly with a high level of certainty and predictability. We consider every nuance so decisions made today positively impact your organization for years to come. We build your roadmap quickly, understanding the fluidity of every situation. Understanding the players, their varying points of view, and many spheres of influence is critical. We specialize in understanding all motivations as we work toward favorable, long-term solutions. Leveraging existing and emerging networks is key; experience, intuition, and relationships matter.

We will, with velocity, identify your navigational fix and chart the course to ensure you are bigger, faster and stronger than before crisis hit.

Effective communication is the underpinning of success; it accelerates growth and opportunity while unifying those who care. Fallston Group works with clients, both on and off-camera, who speak to the news media, publicly to large groups, and within more intimate, team-based settings during crisis. Our training directly and dramatically improves messaging and presentation skills, whether educating, informing or persuading your audience.

Our 24-hour media monitoring and analysis allows for timely message development and decision-making while in the heat of battle. Remember, the most important message is the message received – it is paramount to understand both micro and macro-community sentiment as you work to restore, then build upon, the reputational equity you worked so hard to earn. Understanding the tone and tenor of what has been or is being said about you and your brand is essential. Through our comprehensive media audit process, we determine sentiment and develop a time-sensitive strategy to enhance your favorability ratings.


Once you’ve effectively navigated the crisis, position your organization to reap the benefits of reputational equity for years to come. Our leadership experts can work with you to identify a path forward to capitalize on future opportunities. From life coaching to organizational development to vision planning, Fallston Group executives have the experience to assemble and propel your team to growth and opportunity.

Now that you’ve re-righted the ship, what’s next? The marketing experts at Fallston Group can guide you through the development of a research-based marketing plan to restore your brand equity and meet your organization’s business goals. A monthly action plan ensures consistent, ongoing communication to keep your brand top of mind with customers.

Don’t have an in-house executive with CMO-level marketing expertise? Our team of veteran strategists has decades of experience working client- and agency-side for both B2B and B2C clients in product and service industries. Whether acting as your entire marketing department or working with your in-house team, we’re ready to develop and implement a strategic plan that makes a measurable impact on your bottom line.

In today’s 24-hour, digital marketplace, you must tell your story…if not, someone else will. Many studies have shown earned media is the most trusted and influential source of information. Our experts have been on both sides of the podium and know how to break into the crowded news cycle, using an “air” and “ground” assault strategy to positively influence the marketplace. Whether international or local, traditional or digital, our deeply experienced team knows how to get you into–or out of—the news. Many leaders have benefited from our media training—and how we use the most advanced technologies available to track and report ROI.

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