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What if you could accelerate growth by gaining insight from your best customers?

Customer Advisory Boards are one of the most important trends in market research.

A Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is a strategy level focus group that serves as a sounding board from which your leadership team can learn from and better understand your most important customers. You can never know your customers too well!

5 Primary Objectives of a CAB

  1. Gain a better understanding of the trends, drivers and priorities shaping your customers’ businesses, and to explore how your company can become a more valuable partner, in light of many influences.
  2. Validate your company’s value proposition and strategic direction, ensuring your business is in sync with your customers’ needs and expectations.
  3. Review, assess or brainstorm product direction and opportunities for improving solutions, interaction and customer satisfaction.
  4. Collaborate on shared business issues, thereby strengthening the relationship between your executives and customer decision makers, and fostering peer-to-peer networking.
  5. Uncover additional competitive information.

Fallston Group will work with your executive team to form your board, ensure regular communications, facilitate sessions and track results.

As a first step, Fallston Group can assist in identifying and inviting appropriate non-competing customers to participate on the CAB, in part based on their ability to represent a specific market segment. As part of the formation process and to vet prospective members, we ensure invitees have a clear expectation of the commitment involved.

Our team of meeting professionals is ready to help at every step of the way, from event planning support and agenda development to facilitation of roundtable and other workgroups. A typical annual or semi-annual in-person meeting is hosted in a comfortable, relaxed offsite location to establish an unbiased environment, and features a welcome dinner or activity, daylong working sessions and a fun wrap-up activity.

To ensure continuity, demand accountability and keep projects from stagnating, Fallston Group will schedule, develop agendas for and facilitate teleconferences between in-person meetings.

Following each teleconference or in-person meeting, Fallston Group will debrief your internal team as well as develop and distribute a milestone report to keep all CAB members updated on the latest actions and upcoming needs.

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