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Could you withstand a data breach?

Data breach is one of the most prominent and prevalent organizational risk categories today. As the statistics above show, the issue isn’t if a breach will occur, it’s when. Cyber crisis is certain to cost unrelenting amounts of time and money, not to mention consumer confidence and careers.

Fallston Group defers to many competent technologists to handle the actual breach and digital recovery efforts. But what do you say to those that have trusted you with their most valuable and sensitive information?

Your short and long-term reputation, along with company valuation, is in severe and sudden jeopardy. During this critical time, leaders must meet the moment and instill a sense of confidence in all stakeholders. Or, you’ll be out of business.

Fallston Group understands the incredibly high stakes and has experience managing cyber issues from an executive leadership, strategy and communications perspective. From messaging to media, time is of the essence in today’s interconnected world. You must control the rules of engagement and story that everyone will be telling. Allow us to quickly deepen your executive bench and turn short-term adversity into long-term advantage. Your future depends on it.

Fast Facts

  • Verizon reports that 70% of cyberattacks involve a secondary victim. Even when you are not the intended target—your healthcare organization, credit card company or bank may be the primary victim—you, your personal records and identity are at risk.
  • Verizon also reports that 49% of reported cyber risk incidents are due to employee behavior, witting or unwitting.
  • In its 2016 Global Economic Crime Survey, Pricewaterhouse Coopers mentions that cybercrime is the second most reported economic crime organizations face.
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