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Ready to become a more effective communicator?

Effective communication is the underpinning of success; it accelerates growth and opportunity while unifying those who care. Fallston Group works with clients, both on and off-camera, who speak to the news media, publicly to large groups, or within more intimate, team-based settings.

Our coaching campaigns directly improve messaging and presentation skills, whether educating, informing or persuading your audience.

Our immersive training experience focuses on fact gathering, analysis, message development, preparation, message delivery, facial and body language, visual aid use, managing difficult questions, formulating impactful answers and effective follow-up.

Coaching for strategic message delivery is a highly interactive and personalized process. We videotape and analyze sessions so participants can see and understand their strengths and challenges as they work to master the art of effective communication.

Learn to:

  • Present clearly, concisely and persuasively no matter how technical or sensitive the message
  • Utilize effective verbal and non-verbal communications techniques
  • Manage nervousness and anxiety while compartmentalizing distractions
  • Project a sense of confidence, poise and belief in your message
  • Embrace proper voice, inflection, articulation, fluency and pace techniques
  • Identify audience beliefs, attitudes and expected value proposition
  • Structure presentations in logical sequencing to drive core messaging
  • Understand media needs and speak in sound-bites
  • Accent core messages for maximum effect and remembrance
  • Choose proper attire based on setting and audience
  • Create a firm progression schedule for clients to allow for accelerated growth
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