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15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit – Best Of Compilation

15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit – Best of Compilation

Crisis leadership is an evolving skill; it is an art, not a science. Crises cost time, money, customers, careers, and in the worst case of scenarios, lives. Learn how high-performing leaders in every industry manage adversity and lead by example. Listeners will get the bottom line on what makes a good leader tick, in both good times and bad.

About the 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit
The 15-minute Leadership Quick Hit, a podcast production powered by Fallston Group, is a brief, conversational podcast with recognized leaders across the nation that focuses on the essential attributes of results-driven leadership. Each month, our 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit offers listeners valuable insights and lessons learned from some of the most progressive executives we know. From industry specific advice to leading organizations through issues of adversity, the series provides “real knowledge” in bottom line fashion.

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