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Is your school doing all it can to keep your campus safe?

“Children and youth rely on and find great comfort in the adults who protect them. Teachers and staff must know how to help their students through a crisis and return them home safely. Knowing what to do when faced with a crisis can be the difference between calm and chaos, between courage and fear, between life and death.”

-Department of Education, Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, 2007

The spate of high profile, violent school incidents reminds us all that academic institutions at every level, from primary through university, must be incredibly vigilant about protecting people and securing assets. There is no greater responsibility we all share.

Leverage Fallston Group’s unique background in public safety and reputation management to ensure you’re doing all you can to fulfill this responsibility.

While much planning and design goes into enhancing academic life for students, faculty and all stakeholders, safety and security must be at the top of each school system’s priority list.

An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education a few years back pointed out that two-thirds of U.S. schools and universities have done very little to nothing in terms of crisis planning. Even with a plan in place, it is often not current and accessible, and those depended upon during a critical time are not fully trained to successfully execute these vital, lifesaving plans. Reducing vulnerability begins with comprehensive assessment, followed by effective policy development and training. A plan means nothing if it is not executable.

School and Campus Security

Fallston Group works with a stable of academic leaders within the following disciplines:

  • Active Shooter, Lockdown and Evacuation
  • Communications Systems
  • Crisis Communications – Traditional and Social Media Strategies
  • Emergency Notification Systems
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Leadership & Personnel Management
  • Long-Term Safety and Security Strategy
  • Mental Health Referral Network
  • Public Safety Partnership
  • Security Apps: Two-Way Safety Communication Platforms
  • Standard Operating Procedures, Policies and Protocols
  • Tactical Training
  • Technology Evaluation – CCTV, Access Control, Alarms, Voice
  • Visitor Management
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