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From QB to CEO: Leadership Qualities ft. David Morris

Former quarterback at Ole Miss and founder of national quarterback training program QB Country, David Morris joins Rob Weinhold in this sports-driven installment of Fallston Group’s 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit. Much like presidents and executives of organizations and companies, quarterbacks are tasked with leading and motivating an entire football team to foster success and get the W. Tune in for Morris’ take on leadership qualities and attributes that can also be applied to business success.

About QB Country
Based in Mobile, Alabama with eight locations nationwide, QB Country specializes in year-round quarterback training and development for middle school, high school, college and NFL quarterbacks. Founded by a former Ole Miss quarterback, David Morris, QB Country offers specific quarterback training focused on proper footwork, throwing and body mechanics, as well as the physical and mental aspects of playing the hardest position in all of sports. Our goal is to educate quarterbacks on how to play the quarterback position the correct way at game speed. To learn more, visit, like QB Country on Facebook, or follow QB Country on Twitter.

About the 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit
The 15-minute Leadership Quick Hit, a podcast production powered by Fallston Group, is a brief, conversational podcast with recognized leaders across the nation that focuses on the essential attributes of results-driven leadership. Each month, our 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit offers listeners valuable insights and lessons learned from some of the most progressive executives we know. From industry specific advice to leading organizations through issues of adversity, the series provides “real knowledge” in bottom line fashion.

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