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NeuroLeadership with Gina Brelesky

In the eighth installment of the 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit, Gina Brelesky enlightens us on the study of NeuroLeadership, and how the latest neuroscientific findings can be employed to transform leaders’ effectiveness.

Gina Brelesky
Self-proclaimed science nerd, Gina Brelesky is seasoned corporate educator with more than 25 years of extensive experience in learning and development. In her current role as a leadership consultant, Gina works with leaders to develop and hone their skills, and coaches them to successfully succession plan through the development of their people. She employs the latest brain research in her work and incorporates the principles of NeuroLeadership.

About the 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit
The 15-minute Leadership Quick Hit, a podcast production powered by Fallston Group, is a brief, conversational podcast with recognized leaders across the nation that focuses on the essential attributes of results-driven leadership. Each month, our 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit offers listeners valuable insights and lessons learned from some of the most progressive executives we know. From industry specific advice to leading organizations through issues of adversity, the series provides “real knowledge” in bottom line fashion.

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