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web-headshots-cropped_0010_frank_bigFrank Barile holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Law Enforcement from Towson University and has been a tactical firearms instructor for over 25 years. Prior to his law enforcement career, Frank served time in both airborne infantry and military police units within the U.S. Army. He is a certified U.S. Army instructor and firearms instructor, who graduated from the prestigious U.S. Secret Service Firearms Instructor Training Course (FITC). During his law enforcement career, he was assigned to the Special Operations Division within a large metropolitan police department as a member of an elite SWAT team. Cross trained in both counter sniper and entry tactics, Frank distinguished himself as both an operator and tactical instructor. He has received CQB training from elite military and tactical law enforcement units around the United States. Frank is a graduate of the Advanced Hostage Rescue Training Course at Camp Pendleton, California, hosted by the world renowned LAPD SWAT. He has real world operational experiences and has worked alongside the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team during a nationally televised hostage barricade in March 2000. Recognized as a National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) certified Active Shooter Response Instructor, he has trained local, state and federal law enforcement personnel in non-traditional police tactics. Frank is certified as a defensive tactics instructor trained in the Israeli Krav Maga system. He has consulted with governmental agencies on the proper implementation of the National Incident Command Structure during Department of Homeland Security (DHS) exercise evaluation programs. He is the recipient of the police Medal of Honor, the highest award a law enforcement officer can receive during his career. Currently, Frank continues to serve as an adjunct military combat instructor for the United States Air Force Expeditionary Center located at Fort Dix, New Jersey where he specializes in “Rules of Engagement” and appropriate “Use of Force” training.

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