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If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. And, if someone else tells your story, it certainly won’t be the story you want told.

Fallston Group knows the art of storytelling. Let us tell your company’s story for you! We offer a variety of strategic marketing and public relations services to build and strengthen your reputation.

Marketing. Does your company have a marketing plan?

Fallston Group can create a research-based, calendarized plan complete with new messaging and marketing strategies. And, whether you have in-house marketing staff or not, we can support your team via our outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services to execute consistent monthly deliverables such as social media, e-mail campaigns and executive thought leadership.

PR. We’re not your typical PR firm.

Fallston Group has decades of media relations experience, and we know PR extends far beyond writing a news release. Let us help you tell your story via print, broadcast and radio. We’ll help you understand what’s “newsworthy” and the best way to positively influence the media and raise awareness for your company. We also offer media training to ensure your spokespeople are camera-ready!


Our Services Include

It all starts with goal and audience definition. Is your brand’s messaging consistent; is there ample reach and frequency; is it being noticed and shared? Strong messaging is a key component of any organization’s marketing strategy. Our brand experts are poised to facilitate the development of brand positioning and messaging that’s thoughtful, well-timed and resonates within your target markets. Your customers will embrace your call to action and move to decision-make.

Online and offline, content marketing is king, costing 62% less than outbound marketing while generating more than three times as many leads. From video production to social media, infographics to blogs, and emails to podcasts, Fallston Group can help you plan, wordsmith and execute a highly effective content marketing schedule that supports brand recall and drives engagement.

Interested in enhancing your public speaking and interview skills? We’ll teach you how to be 60 MINUTES ready!

Don’t have an in-house executive with CMO-level marketing expertise? Our team of veteran strategists has decades of experience working both client- and agency-side for B2B and B2C clients in product and service industries. Whether acting as your entire marketing department or working to deepen the bench of your in-house team, we’re ready to develop and implement a strategic plan that makes a measurable impact on your bottom line.

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In today’s 24-hour, digital marketplace, you must tell your story…if not, someone else will. Many studies have shown earned media is the most trusted and influential source of information. Our experts have been on both sides of the podium and know how to break into the crowded news cycle, using an “air” and “ground” assault strategy to positively influence the marketplace. Whether international or local, traditional or digital, our deeply experienced team knows how to get you into–or out of—the news. Many leaders have benefited from our media training —and how we use the most advanced technologies available to track and report ROI. Assertive PR will raise your profile, boost SEO rankings, build marketplace trust and engage audiences.

Still trying to figure out Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest? Have you even heard of VSCO, Yik Yak and Reddit? Outsource all of your social media content development to Fallston Group, or bring us in to train your staff. Our team of digital natives will guide you through existing and emerging social media platforms to develop an effective, focused presence. Our proven strategies will ensure your brand is in the conversations happening every day online that drive engagement, loyalty and recall.

Stop guessing and start making research-based, educated decisions on how to best allocate your marketing dollars. Our team is led by highly educated, seasoned executives who can guide you through the development of a plan to identify effective goals, strategies and tactics for all of your customer segments. A monthly action plan ensures consistent, ongoing communication to keep your brand top of mind with customers. Remember, what gets measured, gets done!

We partner with video production teams to translate your marketing messages into one of modern day’s most important methods – video.

BOC has engaged Fallston Group for several years, and we value their ability to assist is in crafting a comprehensive approach as we integrate our strategic intent with targeted communications. Even in the face of a competitive environment and changes in the market, the Fallston Group team knows how to develop the marketing strategies and tactics required to drive growth. In addition, they are responsive and collaborative team players. I'd recommend their services without reservation.

Claudia Zacharias, CEO, Board of Certification/Accreditation

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