Turning Adversity into Advantage, Hon!

A Fallston Group Case Study. Cafe Hon has been a popular fixture on the 36th Street main drag in Baltimore’s kitschy Hampden neighborhood since its 1992 opening. With a two-story tall pink flamingo perched over its doorway, the restaurant is a local landmark. Owner Denise Whiting sells “Hon” t-shirts and other merchandise and founded an […]

5 Strategies for Successful Crisis Leadership

Fallston Group | Five Strategies for Successful Crisis Leadership

by Rob Weinhold, Chief Executive of Fallston Group When it comes to crisis, it isn’t a matter of if but of when. Having an effective crisis management strategy in place is critical not only for weathering the storm but for rebuilding as quickly as possible afterward. These five strategies will help you minimize damage and […]

Top Business Reputation Tips

Whether or not you had the chance to attend our most recent Business Reputation Panel in person, every leader can benefit from our expert panelists’ top tips to preserve and protect your company’s reputation. James “Jef” Fagan, Principal Attorney at Offit Kurman advises businesses to not only pick a primary spokesperson – but to make […]

Crisis Expert Rob Weinhold Launches National Keynote

Rob Weinhold, author and chief executive of Fallston Group, the Baltimore-based, global reputation agency, today announced a new national keynote speaking campaign, “Crisis is a Growth Strategy,” including the launch of Weinhold’s brand-new website, robweinhold.com. Over time, Weinhold has been relied upon to lead, manage, coach, teach, interview, keynote, conduct workshops and train a variety […]

Leah Fertig Joins Fallston Group as Executive Assistant

Fallston Group, the Baltimore-based, global reputation agency, is pleased to announce Leah Fertig has joined its team as executive assistant. Fertig brings more than 13 years of combined customer service, administrative and office management experience to Fallston Group’s headquarters in Canton. In her new role, Fertig provides support across the organization’s three core business verticals […]

Build Your Social Champions


Some of your biggest champions during a crisis may end up being your social media followers…but waiting to build those ambassadors until crisis strikes means you’re too late to capitalize on this important communications outlet. Check out our video for some quick tips, and contact us at www.fallstongroup.com/contact-us or call 410-420-2001 for more information.

What’s the “Why” Behind a Crisis?

Many crises are sustained campaigns, not situational media events. In my view, reputation leads to trust and trust leads to valuation. You see, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat is all about the restoration of trust and restoring that reputational piggy bank balance which succumbed to overdraft status. We know crises can be natural, […]

Patrick Seidl Joins Fallston Group as Strategic Communications Coordinator


Fallston Group, the Baltimore-based, global reputation agency, is pleased to announce Patrick Seidl has joined its team as strategic communications coordinator. Seidl brings five years of marketing, communications and fundraising experience as well as a background in planning and executing large-scale events. In his new role, Seidl will support Marketing Communications Manager, Andrea Lynn, in […]