Accountability in Communications

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No doubt the pandemic has deeply affected our families, work, the economy, social activity, and of course, our health. In has also affected how companies operate and how they communicate with their customers and the public. Being tone-deaf to what is happening in the world can do tremendous reputational damage to a brand. Many companies […]

Build Your Social Champions


Some of your biggest champions during a crisis may end up being your social media followers…but waiting to build those ambassadors until crisis strikes means you’re too late to capitalize on this important communications outlet. Check out our video for some quick tips, and contact us at or call 410-420-2001 for more information.

Can You Spot Fake News?

Fake News

By Kathy Walsh, Director of Marketing Recently I attended the Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference in Boston and one of the sessions I attended focused on the topic of fake news. This post highlights some key takeaways shared by co-presenters Lisa Arledge Powell of Ohio-based MediaSource and Robert Mackle, Director of Media Relations […]

The Art of Networking: 7 Tips

Networking is an excellent way to build brand awareness. It also has the potential to generate lifelong relationships. Follow these seven guidelines and you will master the art of networking.

Reputation: Top Strategic Risk Concern for Companies

A recent study conducted by Forbes Insights on behalf of Deloitte shows company reputation and the fallout from reputational damage as the number one strategic risk for large companies, surpassing business model and economic trend concerns. The driving factor behind this shift in concern is social media.

Media Relations 101

It is imperative that executives and professionals maintain the ability to represent their brand appropriately in the court of public opinion and in front of their key stakeholder bases. When interacting with the media, act as the expert on your subject matter, be clear and concise, be passionate, stay focused, routinely connect every response back to your core message, and anticipate audience reactions.

Workplace Violence Advice

by Rob Weinhold A safe work environment is paramount to everyone in the workplace and should be the first priority of leadership. The recent workplace shooting at the Emcore Corporation in New Mexico highlights the pervasive dangers faced by all business owners and their employees each day. This tragic situation left ten people shot and […]