When the world relies on you, how do you manage crises and continuity of care?

By Leah Fertig From birth to our final day, there may never come a time we aren’t dependent on a compassionate healthcare provider. Like the fragility of our lives, healthcare institutions are challenged with many risks that may take their focus off of critical patient care. This is unacceptable, mainly if you or your loved […]

What’s the “Why” Behind a Crisis?

Many crises are sustained campaigns, not situational media events. In my view, reputation leads to trust and trust leads to valuation. You see, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat is all about the restoration of trust and restoring that reputational piggy bank balance which succumbed to overdraft status. We know crises can be natural, […]

Behind the Headlines With Kathy Walsh

In an interview with Cision, Fallston Group’s Director of Marketing Kathy Walsh discusses the importance of knowing what is being said about your brand, how to properly prepare for potential crises and why basic marketing principles are still relevant today.