Peloton’s Lack of Planning: Part II

Earlier in the year, Peloton experienced troubles related to its leadership decisions during the coronavirus pandemic to expand well beyond its means. As part of their earlier strategic solution stable, Peloton decided to reduce the cost of its products. Those steps have not materially helped valuation so now, ironically, it is shifting to raise the […]

Reputation leads to Trust and Trust leads to Valuation… And, Not All Currency is Financial.

            Successful leaders and organizations understand the value of building, strengthening, and defending their reputation. Reputation is defined as: the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. If we take a broader look at society, we believe that consumers are morally aligned with the brands they invest in and purchase from, […]

Uh-oh…Hot Mic!

Have you ever said something you thought was confidential, but soon realized someone or some ‘thing’ overheard you? The inevitable answer is yes – we all have. However, the consequences of ‘sticking your foot in your mouth’ are much more severe today than they were years ago. Why? The answer is simple – technology. At […]

Tiger Woods – Legacy and Reputation

Fallston Group | Tiger Woods – Legacy and Reputation

Tiger Woods is often referred to as one of the best, if not the best, player in PGA Tour history. Tiger is tied for the most PGA Tour wins with Sam Snead, and currently is second to the great Jack Nicklaus for most Majors won. His entire life is focused on winning – which is […]

Does ‘Cancel Culture’ Pose a Threat to Our Freedom?

Does 'Cancel Culture' Pose a Threat to Our Freedom?

Cancel Culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive ( Rob Weinhold, Fallston Group’s Chief Executive and resident crisis leadership expert was on the air discussing Cancel Culture and how it has affected even the largest and most […]

Why Do You Need a Crisis Communications Plan?


Crisis Communications Plans are designed to provide guidance and easy-to-follow steps to support clients in preparation for, management of and after-effects of proper crisis communications. Reputation leads to trust, trust leads to valuation. Effective crisis prevention, identification and communication rely heavily on education, training, professional judgment and experience of an internally formed Crisis Management Team […]

Be Kind to One Another: Did Ellen Practice What She Preached?

A year ago, if you asked me to name a celebrity who has been successful in building a strong and positive reputation, Ellen DeGeneres would have come to mind fairly quickly. In her rise to fame, she has sung, she has danced, and she has made many people belly laugh with her quick-punch jokes and […]

The Power of Crisis Leadership (Part One)

Fallston Group | The Power of Crisis Leadership (Part One)

The following is the first of three excerpts from a feature article, written by Rob Weinhold, Fallston Group Chief Executive, and published by “Captive International” in July 2020. Read part two here and part three here. The importance and value of crisis leadership has perhaps never been more apparent than it has been in recent […]

Be Mindful of Rumors and Misinformation During Times of Crisis

Fallston Group | Be Mindful of Rumors and Misinformation During Times of Crisis

New information about COVID-19 is literally dispersed around the clock, filling our newsfeeds with facts and stats, opinions, recaps and projections, photos and graphics, and even a few memes to ground us and give us a laugh here and there. As expected, there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there, too; rumors and […]

Ready, Set, Reposition

Fallston Group | Ready, Set, Reposition

Conversations are starting to take place about how we begin to slowly and gradually re-open America, the State of Maryland, and the communities that we live in and call our own. As expected, the court of public opinion on this decision is all over the board, with some feeling like it’s simply too early to […]