The Power of Crisis Leadership (Part Two)

Fallston Group | The Power of Crisis Leadership (Part Two)

The following is the second of three excerpts from a feature article, written by Rob Weinhold, Fallston Group Chief Executive, and published by “Captive International” in July 2020. Read part one here and part three here. I’ve worked with partners in the healthcare space on a myriad of issues, including accusations of patient dumping, criminal […]

Press the Pause Button, Now

Fallston Group | Press the Pause Button, Now

The impact of COVID-19 on businesses of all sizes is substantial. It’s safe to say that no one is operating on May 1, 2020 the same way they were operating just four months ago. Some have closed-up shop, temporarily. Others are still operational but in a slightly or significant downsized capacity. And then there are […]

Do You Have the Moxie to Be a Crisis Leader?

During this extraordinary time, many business leaders are simultaneously enduring two major crises – the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the very strong possibility of losing their businesses – a perfect storm. Many simply need an empathetic ear and a little reassurance as they try to maintain control and weather the storm. Many of these emotional […]

Four Simple Steps Tiger Took to Rebuild His Rep


When initially hearing about Tiger Woods’ major life and addiction struggles in 2009, winning a Masters green jacket a decade later was far from realistic, in everyone’s mind. In fact, Woods said at the time he would be taking an ‘indefinite break’ from golf. How did Woods achieve one of the most talked-about come-back stories? […]

Top Business Reputation Tips

Whether or not you had the chance to attend our most recent Business Reputation Panel in person, every leader can benefit from our expert panelists’ top tips to preserve and protect your company’s reputation. James “Jef” Fagan, Principal Attorney at Offit Kurman advises businesses to not only pick a primary spokesperson – but to make […]

Six Tips for Managing a Crisis through Social Media

A business’s social media presence is not only a great way to communicate with stakeholders and clients, but it is a highly effective tool when facing a crisis. Here are six tips for managing a crisis through social media.