One Crisis Espresso, Please!


by Rob Weinhold, Chief Executive of Fallston Group Social media attack, bad press, investigation, litigation, data breach, sex scandal, economic downturn, discrimination, mismanagement and, tragically occurring with greater frequency, active shooter situations…the list goes on and on. Life comes at you fast, and there’s one irrefutable certainty: the issue isn’t “if,” but “when” crisis will […]

Spicer Resigns – What Should the Face of Crisis Look Like?

With breaking news of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigning today allegedly due, in part, to the newly announced White House Communications Director not having communications experience, we thought it might be appropriate to share a chapter of “The Art of Crisis Leadership” (Weinhold & Cowherd, 2016). When You’re the Face of Crisis You […]

Why Help DaddyOFive?

Martin Family

Many people are asking, “Why would Fallston Group support a controversial client like DaddyOFive?” Thank you for your interest and questions, they are very important to us. A little background: when Fallston Group was contacted at the end of last week, we were briefed by an attorney who was working with the Martin family and […]

Crisis Leadership Expert Rob Weinhold and New York Times Best-Selling Author Kevin Cowherd Talk Crisis Leadership at Local Book Tour Stops This Week

Fallston Group Founder and Chief Executive Rob Weinhold and New York Times best-selling author Kevin Cowherd will make book tour stops at Catholic University and Towson Barnes & Noble locations this week. Weinhold and Cowherd will host an interactive discussion about their highly praised book, “The Art of Crisis Leadership,” and sign copies for attendees. […]

Meltdown in Rio: Ryan Lochte

Although Ryan Lochte is at the tail end of his swimming career, the 32-year-old still has some very serious repercussions stemming from his crisis in Rio.

Crisis: Turn Adversity into Advantage

Crisis costs time, money, customers, careers, and in the worst case of scenarios, lives. Make sure your organization has proper policies and procedures in place so when crisis strikes you can turn adversity into advantage.

Behind the Headlines With Kathy Walsh

In an interview with Cision, Fallston Group’s Director of Marketing Kathy Walsh discusses the importance of knowing what is being said about your brand, how to properly prepare for potential crises and why basic marketing principles are still relevant today.

And Ultimately, Your Career

Curt Schilling’s most recent social media tirade cost him his job, and the respect of many. Crisis costs time, money, customers, and careers.

Gary McCord “Raked” Through the Coals…Again

CBS’ Gary McCord found himself in hot water after being misinterpreted during a live broadcast of the Farmers Insurance Open last weekend. After his intentional blunder in 1994, viewers are not as forgiving this time around.