PSA’s Perspective: Not Another Blog on Cyber Security

Written by Frank Giachini, MBA of PSA Insurance and Financial Services.  No, really, this isn’t just another blog on Cyber. If by now the news of breaches at Target, Home Depot, Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sony, The US Office of Personnel Management and the Department of Defense haven’t raised alarms for you, […]

Is Your Business Taking the Proper Steps to Minimize Digital Risk?

With technological advances, there comes a heightened technological risk. Cyber-attacks are increasing at an alarming rate, targeting almost 3 out of 4 small businesses. By putting a security plan in place, a company’s level of threat decreases dramatically. Ultimately however, leaders must take the initiative to protect their people, secure their assets and strengthen their brands!

Breach Response Planning – Most Plans Fall Short

Dealing with a breach is one of the most stressful and very real situations any executive team will face. One of the first calls should be to an experienced crisis management team and/or PR firm familiar with breach response.

Data Breach: Not “If,” But “When”

Imagine everything from cell phones, automobiles and even coffee makers having network connectivity. Find out what can be done to help companies minimize data breach risk.

Cyber Attack – Is Your Business at Risk?

The average financial hit is almost nine thousand dollars when a company becomes a victim of an attack. Following these simple steps to decrease your chance of becoming an easy target.