Demystifying Cyber Risk: Executives, Champion Your Cyber Risk Management

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Written by Mike Volk, Cyber Specialist at PSA Insurance & Financial Services Effective cyber risk management involves every part of an organization. Cybersecurity policies guide employee behavior and shape culture. Cybersecurity training helps employees — from IT staff to administrative professionals to C-suite executives — understand and protect the organization from cyber threats. Technology helps […]

Employees & Small Business Security

Small Business

With the alarming evolution of the recent Equifax breach and Tuesday’s shocking announcement that Yahoo’s 2013 data breach impacted every single customer account that existed at the time, identity protection has become a topic of both priority and panic. What can your business do to protect YOUR sensitive data? Our client, national identity protection services […]

Is Your Business Taking the Proper Steps to Minimize Digital Risk?

With technological advances, there comes a heightened technological risk. Cyber-attacks are increasing at an alarming rate, targeting almost 3 out of 4 small businesses. By putting a security plan in place, a company’s level of threat decreases dramatically. Ultimately however, leaders must take the initiative to protect their people, secure their assets and strengthen their brands!

Breach Response Planning – Most Plans Fall Short

Dealing with a breach is one of the most stressful and very real situations any executive team will face. One of the first calls should be to an experienced crisis management team and/or PR firm familiar with breach response.

Data Breach: Not “If,” But “When”

Imagine everything from cell phones, automobiles and even coffee makers having network connectivity. Find out what can be done to help companies minimize data breach risk.

Inside the Home Depot Data Breach

Home Depot’s recent data breach became the largest retail breach in history. Home Depot has faced criticism from numerous angles since the reports of this incident broke. It is always crucial to tell your story when all the facts are accounted for.

Large Company Data Breach

The Fallston Group engaged with a large company that experienced a significant security breach of sensitive patron credit card information. Our team quickly sprang into action and developed and executed an assertive strategic crisis communications plan maximizing positive stakeholder opinion and trust in the company.

Cyber Attack – Is Your Business at Risk?

The average financial hit is almost nine thousand dollars when a company becomes a victim of an attack. Following these simple steps to decrease your chance of becoming an easy target.

Cyber Attack: Don’t be a Victim

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. All businesses are at risk of cyber attacks on a daily basis. Read more about what security measures can be taken to assist in preventing the reality of these threats.