Resilient Leadership: BP and its Fallen Leader

A Perspective about BP and its Fallen Leader by Rob Weinhold When we learned of the Gulf oil explosion in April 2010, the loss of life coupled with the hourly projections about environmental fallout was disturbing enough. However, to learn that BP had no real crisis plan or immediate solution to deal with this type […]

Reputation: Top Strategic Risk Concern for Companies

A recent study conducted by Forbes Insights on behalf of Deloitte shows company reputation and the fallout from reputational damage as the number one strategic risk for large companies, surpassing business model and economic trend concerns. The driving factor behind this shift in concern is social media.

Sexual Harassment: Reducing Risk

In order to avoid the severe consequences of sexual harassment reports, prevent legal exposure, and protect managers and subordinates, the Fallston Group offers employers suggestions for reducing risk of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Did He Cross the Line, Hon

How quickly can a seemingly non-violent protest become a threat to public safety and personal property? Recent controversy revolving around Baltimore’s iconic, Café Hon, has made it more apparent how easily that line can be toed. Café Hon owner Denise Whiting’s decision to trademark the word ‘Hon’ to protect her business and brand, caused an […]