When the world relies on you, how do you manage crises and continuity of care?

By Leah Fertig From birth to our final day, there may never come a time we aren’t dependent on a compassionate healthcare provider. Like the fragility of our lives, healthcare institutions are challenged with many risks that may take their focus off of critical patient care. This is unacceptable, mainly if you or your loved […]

Emergency Plans: Training and Execution

Implementing emergency safety plans in the workplace is just the first step in protecting your company and its employees. Continuously practicing the execution of these plans is what will drastically lessen a company’s chance of becoming tragically affected by an emergency or crisis.

3 Things Every Business Needs When Disaster Strikes

It’s up to company leaders to prepare employees and infrastructure for any and every kind of disaster or emergency situation, from natural disasters such as flooding or tornadoes to man-made situations like security threats. Once the safety of your employees is ensured, the next step is to determine how to keep your business afloat.