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Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most anticipated days of the year. But, the SuPR Bowl gains just as much interest, as attention is focused on the antics, conversation and media attention of off-the-field “entertainment" for two whole weeks.
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A Black Heel to a Black Eye – UNC’s “Paper Class” Scandal

UNC is accused of academic fraud and allowing student-athletes to enroll in phony classes with no lectures or attendance policies to remain eligible. Without taking ownership, the NCAA will unravel a mess of an investigation and greatly humiliate one of the most prominent universities in our country, and its proud student body and alumni who have done no wrong.
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Airbag Recall Becoming a Reputation Killer

Japanese auto parts maker, Takata, has been under fire since June. False report after false report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration receives a poor grade for its handling of the recall. Hopefully, now that the issue is front and center, consumers will not ignore the problem, and further injury will be prevented.
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