School and University Safety

“Providing a safe place to live, work, and raise a family is the first order of leadership,” says Rob Weinhold, Principal of the Fallston Group. Students work and sometimes live at school; therefore, school leaders must keep student safety as their first priority. A social media crisis management plan is one way that school and university leaders implement to help promote the safety of their students.

College Athletics…Social Media…Crisis Communications

We are all familiar with major news stories involving student athletics which brought their campuses to crisis. Recent stories include: Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino crashing his motorcycle while riding with his girlfriend; The murder of University of Virginia lacrosse player Courtney Love by her boyfriend and men’s lacrosse player George Hughley; The child abuse […]

Casey Anthony Trials: The Social Media Verdict

While Casey Anthony may have been found ‘not guilty’ this Tuesday—the court of public opinion had decided quite the contrary long ago, reacting to the decision with an outpour of disgruntled opinions on Facebook and Twitter. The much awaited verdict of the murder trial was reached on Tuesday when the jury found Casey Anthony, mother of […]

Congressman Weiner: What Can We Learn

In a digital age where information can be received and delivered instantly, many fail to realize that it is not as easy to retract–or suppress. So seems to be the case with former Representative Anthony Wiener who found himself at the hands of social media when he “tweeted” revealing pictures to a young female “follower” […]

Armed Security is the Best Defense

by Frank Barile The shooting at Johns Hopkins Hospital again brings the concept of workplace violence into focus. By all accounts, those charged with tactically handling this situation did a great job, but this incident is one of hundreds which occur in organizations around the world each year. In this post 911 world, private and […]