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Aftershock Event to Help Leaders Prepare for an Uncertain 2013

As we near the close of 2012, CEOs and business owners look to a future clouded with uncertainty on many fronts—most notably the domestic and world economy. While there are no sure roadmaps to guide leaders through what could be shaping-up to be a very challenging 2013, an important upcoming December summit event will seek to provide some answers, including a forecast of what may be looming on the horizon for companies, as well as actionable steps that leaders can take to prepare and protect their organizations.
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Slight Communication Misstep Will Cost Election

Leaders in the private, public and nonprofit arenas should take heed and realize that all can learn how to be more effective leaders through observing this election process. Analyzing the good, bad and ugly is important as both leaders, and those that aspire to be, take the lessons learned and apply them to their own leadership lives; remembering, of course, that credibility above all else, is paramount.
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