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A 2016 study conducted by the Pew Research Center concluded that one-third of Americans have listened to a podcast.

Why is that number growing? Because mobile learning is awesome!

Fresh, mobile accessible content is key. And thought leadership through podcasting is an excellent way to help both aspiring and seasoned leaders at every level. In fact, we believe it is our corporate responsibility to help others learn from those in our vast network.

Fallston Group’s 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit podcast is meant to succinctly skim the brains of our community’s most forward-thinking, innovative leaders and pass along their most valuable lessons learned. Our podcasts are brief, to the point and full of digestible leadership advice that will certainly shape your thinking. We hope you enjoy the shows!

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Latest Podcasts
08Jun 16

World Record Holder Carl Reese

Transcontinental record holder Carl Reese joins Rob Weinhold in the 14th installment of Fallston Group's 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit to discuss what it takes to complete a passion-oriented mission. Tune in to…

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28Apr 16

Community-Based Leadership with Jenny Kessler Klump

Passionista and Executive Director of Sharp Dressed Man Jenny Kessler Klump joins Rob Weinhold in the 13th installment of Fallston Group's 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit to discuss what it takes to lead a mission-oriented, community-based organization. Tune in to hear how Jenny's leadership plays a crucial part in empowering and assisting men of Baltimore re-enter the workforce.
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07Aug 15

Community Leadership with Celia Neustadt

In the 9th installment of Fallston Group's 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit, we are joined by Celia Neustadt, Executive Director of The Inner Harbor Project, a Baltimore-based youth-led effort to improve…

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19May 15

NeuroLeadership with Gina Brelesky

In the eighth installment of the 15-Minute Leadership Quick Hit, Gina Brelesky enlightens us on the study of NeuroLeadership, and how the latest neuroscientific findings can be employed to transform leaders' effectiveness.…

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